RoseCraft Blades is in a Traditional Mood, it seems. Hot on the heels of the Cane Creek Jack’s release earlier this month, the company is now readying the Obed Creek Bow Trapper for release, an original pattern that, like the Cane Creek, comes from the mind of Andy Armstrong.

The Cane Creek Jack was a nod to an old pattern from long-shuttered Sheffield, England knife shop Joseph Allen & Sons. By contrast, the Obed Creek is an original pattern, created and refined by Armstrong himself, who has been behind many of the traditional knife releases in RoseCraft’s growing corral.

The curve of the handle reminds us of a pistol grip

It certainly lives up to the name ‘bow trapper,’ with a pronounced curve to its entire profile, but the blade itself runs straight. It’s a linear drop point shape, narrow but stout-looking and, at 3.1 inches long, on the larger side for a traditional piece. Like many of its RoseCraft peers it’s made from D2, a semi-stainless that synergizes nicely with this size class; it’s rugged enough to withstand hard use, stainless enough for reasonable use, and it will keep a good edge on it throughout long stretches of day-to-day carry.

This Bow Trapper really bows on the handle. Compared in particular to the angular, coffin coke bottle handle on the Camp Creek, the Obed Creek looks strikingly different with its smooth, arching silhouette. The covers are made from dark green Micarta, and sit between front and back-end bolsters; in an aesthetic flourish the forward bolster is fluted. Finally, on the front side you can see a skull insignia as a shield inlay; all of RoseCraft’s designers have their own logo that appear on their models, and this is a cool way to incorporate Armstrong’s here – or part of his anyway, which in its full form is an ‘A’ made of bones capped by a skull – pretty rad.

RoseCraft says this one is coming soon, but not specific date is given at this time. You can sign up to be notified through their mailing list if you want.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Blades Obed Creek Bow Trapper

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