It seems like knife companies are recruiting new talent at a hell of a clip lately. Kizer is the latest to join in, bringing on a new design duo for the KUH, a knife that blends a simple design with a multitude of opening options.

The KUH comes to us from Bryce Markle-Amaral and Roman Worthey, real life buddies who worked together to bring this knife to life. Despite the double heritage, the KUH is anything but overdesigned, with a clean profile built on straight lines and a blade that’s as time-tested as they come. Its shape is a curving drop point that, at 3.16 inches, lands in the pure EDC category. Then you’ve got 154CM blade steel, a mid-level stainless that’s rough and tumble, ready for anything, and won’t throw up any unwanted surprises in the daily carry role; it’s predictable in the best possible way.

You can tell that Markle Amaral and Worthey are knife enthusiasts themselves, because they’ve outfitted the KUH with four different opening mechanisms, enough to please even the most hardcore fidget fanatic. You’ve got front and back flippers, both done in a low profile. inline style so as not to obtrude on the KUH’s clean profile, as well as a thumb stud for traditionalists; finally, there’s the button lock mechanism which, as any knife fan knows, can work as an opener by depressing the button and flicking the wrist.

Meanwhile, the KUH’s handle is handsome and low-key, catering to basic ergonomic principles without overegging the pudding. The slab scales are made from Micarta, with a single chamfered finger groove that locks the pointer finger into place and creates a sizaeable forward guard. There’s a large lanyard attachment point extending from the butt end of the handle, and a reversible deep carry pocket clip; in total the KUH weighs 3 oz.

This one is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer KUH

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