The temperatures may be dropping, but Jack Wolf Knives continue to stoke the flames for modern traditional fans with the incoming release of the Little Bro Jack. This is a smaller follow-up to a folder Jack Wolf released back in the spring.

If you missed the Big Bro Jack’s release in April, here’s a quick refresher: it took the idea of the boy’s knife, a long-running traditional knife pattern, and scaled it up with dimensions more in line with modern everyday carry folder specs. And, being a Jack Wolf release, all of the materials were thoroughly modern and thoroughly premium: a titanium handle, carbon fiber covers, and S90V super steel for the blade.

Now we have the Little Bro Jack. With a cutting edge length of 2.34 inches, its significantly smaller than Big Bro, which ran up to nearly 3 inches evem. The reduced dimensions bring it much closer to the size of a historical boy’s knife. Compared to the Big Bro, Little Bro might need to tap out on a few larger, corner case cutting chores, but in general the work capabilities here should be comparable to its larger predecessor, with the choice between the two coming down more to preference than anything else. The Little Bro Jack even retains the clip point blade shape and the S90V steel, which make it a capable cutter indeed no matter which way you slice it (yes, pun is intended).

The rosewood Little Bro Jack really stands out

Things on the handle are much the same as they were on the Big Bro too, albeit, again, reduced in size. There’s a titanium bolster on both ends of the sleeveboard-style handle, sandwiching a pair of identical cover scales. Jack Wolf pulled out all the stops when it came to the options here, too: in addition to a trio of glitzy carbon fiber choices, there is also a rosewood variety and a Kirinite option; this is only the second time the material has appeared on a Jack Wolf design.

The Little Bro Jack will be going up next Friday, November 17th, at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern time, through authorized dealers.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Little Bro Jack

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