Ivan Braginets is leading the charge for Real Steel’s 2024 release schedule. His incoming collab model, the Serenity, sees Braginets crafting a sleek and modern slipjoint piece.

“Modern traditional” is a phrase that seems inherently contradictory; point taken. But it’s useful shorthand for describe an entire, trendy class of knives that blend today’s materials with non-locking, two-hand opening designs. That’s firmly the camp that the Serenity finds itself in, with a nail nick being used to deploy its harpoonized drop point blade.

One thing to note is the size: with 3.43 inches of blade length, the Serenity is much larger than some of its historical referents, and really it reads like a mid-size workhorse. The all-purpose blade shape gives you some straight edge, some belly, and a usable, robust tip, and the N690 blade steel is a similarly balanced and, for the sub-$100 price, high-performance steel choice. In particular it shrugs off corrosion, which helps with traditional “traditional” tasks like slicing up an apple.

In a nice touch, the Serenity’s backspring has a crowned spine

At the risk of overlarding this article with buzzwords, there’s something almost bushcraft-y about the Serenity’s handle. Oriented in a straight line back from the blade, it’s guardless and enhanced with some gentle undulations, as well as contoured, letterboxed G-10 scales. There’s a reversible pocket clip in tow, which means that the Serenity can take advantage of another innate advantage of a slippie design, which is its ambidexterity; Real Steel even added a nail mark to both the show and “pile side” of the blade for the lefties out there.

If these early releases are anything to go by, Real Steel seems to want to focus on slipjoints this year. Although the Serenity is the first brand new for 2024 design we’ve seen, the company showed off the Ventus last month, another non-locking, modern traditional from recurring designer Jakub Wieczorkiewicz.

The Serenity is going to start shipping on January 16th but it is available for preorder now.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Serenity

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