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It’s hard to believe, but we are moving away from SHOT Show quite quickly, and Blade Show, the big mid-year knife event, will be here in little over a month. One of many important sub-events at Blade Show is the official induction of new members into Cutlery Hall of Fame; these inductees were officially decided on last week. In 2024, a trio of big knife names will join the Hall of Fame’s 71 luminaries:

William Harsey, Jr.

Bill Harsey, Jr. has earned his stripes on both sides of the custom/production divide, and has had a major impact in both arenas for many years. Harsey first started making knives in the late 70s and quickly earned accolades for his clear-eyed, robust take on miltiary/tactical fixed blade concepts. He took that expertise into the production knife world too, designing both the Pacific and Green Beret models with Chris Reeve Knives, among other collaborations. Some of Harsey’s most prominent recent work has been the knives, both fixed and folding, resulting from his partnership with Spartan Blades.

T.M. Dowell

Ted Dowell, who passed away in 2012 at 83 years of age, lived and work through just about every major development in the 20th century knife scene. Like many others, Dowell started by making handles for other knives before trying to make his own blades from scratch, and, as the story often goes, things went from there. By the early 1970s Dowell had not only become a full-time knife maker, he had also been a founding member of the Knifemakers’ Guild and, along with Bob Loveless, drafter of the Guilds first-ever set of bylaws.

Don Fogg

Fogg is a titan in the art knife world, a master craftsman who has left an indelible impact on the custom blade field, particularly in swordsmithing and damascus processes. Fogg also has an abiding interest in teaching others the techniques he has honed over decades: in addition to videos, presentations, and classes, he helped to found the school arm of the American Bladesmith Society. Speaking of, this isn’t the first honor bestowed upon Fogg for his work; the ABS inducted him into its own hall of fame back in 2006.

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