More knives from Civivi are a-coming down the pike – anybody surprised? Next up to discuss is the Nugz, a wicked wharnie from first-time Civivi collaborator Matthew Wehrwein.

The Nugz appears to be a slightly sized up production sequel to the Nugget, a Wehr Knives custom with a stubbier blade. The Nugz’s blade measures 3.17 inches long, which is a notable gain over the 2.25-inch Nugget. What sort of cutting do you do with a blade like this? Well, the usual everyday carry chores of course; there’s a reason why the wharnie is such a trendy choice for that role: a straight edge is an intuitive, capable slicer, and users have a lot of control and capability in that low, elongated point too.

Here’s a peek at the CF/Damascus option

Opened with the thumb hole or flipper, the Nugz features a blade made from 14C28N. Now, this stainless has never been uncommon in the budget-conscious knife zones, but in recent years has been overshadowed somewhat by D2. It’s been making a comeback, thanks in no small part to its recent implementation a slew of Civivi knives. It’s a nice counterpoint to D2, trading in some of that steel’s edge retention capabilities for a more balanced, easier to sharpen, and fully stainless performance profile.

We can easily see the family heritage between Nugz and Nugget when it comes to the blade, but the handle on this collab differs quite a bit from that on its custom sibling. It’s narrower, with just some minor hills and valleys in its profile; it looks like it will be friendly to any number of grips. The stainless steel liners underneath letterbox the scales themselves, and the off-side one is where the locking leaf is found. Unlike many Civivi models, the 3.16 oz. Nugz comes with a bespoke clip; it is non-reversible, and made from stainless steel.

The Nugz is slated for release this month.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Nugz

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