If you’re a modern traditional fan, you’ve been eating good for a few years now, and if these early days are any indicator, the feast should continue through 2024. Case in point: amongst the incoming models from Solingen giant Boker is the BRLW, a tribute to a legendary traditional pattern rendered in advanced materials.

All the traditional patterns have their fans, but no pattern benefited as much from the modern traditional craze as the barlow. Perhaps this is because, as an everyday carry-friendly single blade knife, it’s close in spirit to our modern folders. Or, maybe it’s because that teardrop handle, with its huge forward bolster, just looks cool, and lends itself to reiterations and riffs in all sorts of sizes and styles. The barlow also has a long history over at Boker, as a longtime model in their Solingen-produced traditional knives portfolio.

The BRLW, then, can be read as a confluence of these different historical strands. In terms of pure wireframe, it is a straight putt barlow design, with a 2.56-inch drop point blade shape, calibrated for working through undramatic day-to-day chores without complaint or hitch. Gone is the traditional nail mark, however, and in its place is a low-profile spineside flipper tab. And gone is the usual carbon or simple stainless recipes for the steel, with wunderstahl CPM MagnaCut making another appearance in the Boker lineup.

The handle is an all-titanium tribute to the barlow, with a faux bolster cut into both scales, and jigged ‘covers’ beneath. On the off-side there’s a frame lock, making the BRLW a one-hand opening, locking knife; it also comes with a sculpted titanium clip so it doesn’t need to ride loose in the pocket like its forebears, or in a slip – which it does come with by the way.

The BRLW is scheduled to be available soon. It’s one of many new Boker models we can expect this year. As we usually do with this company we’ll be covering them piecemeal rather than in a single massive article.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker BRLW

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