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TN Governor Calls Special Session Over Guns

Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee called lawmakers back to the state’s capitol for a special session on Aug. 21 to talk gun control.

The announcement comes after lawmakers adjourned its legislative session rather than taking on the governor’s proposed gun measures in light of a school shooting that killed six.

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After the Covenant school shooting in March, the governor asked legislators to look into red flag laws in addition to enhanced background checks. But the Republican-led legislature opted to end its session instead.

Mere hours after the adjournment, Lee announced he would call legislators back for a special session to tackle guns.

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“There is broad agreement that action is needed, and in the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to listen to Tennesseans and pursue thoughtful, practical measures that strengthen the safety of Tennesseans, preserve Second Amendment rights, prioritize due process protections, support law enforcement and address mental health,” Lee said in a statement.

Lee also suggested Tennessee residents leave feedback regarding gun policies ahead of the special session.  

The Governor’s office said he will meet with Tennesseans, lawmakers, and stakeholders throughout the summer to talk “practical solutions ahead of the special session.”

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TX Bill to Raise Purchase Age for Semi-Auto Rifles Fails

The Texas bill looking to raise the purchasing age limit for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21 has seemingly failed just days after it passed through committee.

In a surprise move, House Bill 2744 passed committee on Monday but was left off the Texas House agenda Tuesday – effectively killing it before the House’s deadline.

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The bill was backed by families of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 21 people dead, including 19 children. It faced an uphill battle but seemed to gain momentum after a shooting in an Allen shopping mall over the weekend.

On Monday, the bill advanced with an 8-5 vote, with two Republicans crossing lines to support it. But the late decision didn’t leave enough time for the measure to make it onto the agenda.

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“I’m sickened that HB 2744 will not be brought to a full House vote,” Rep. Jarvis Johnson(D-Houston) told a local station.

“For once, the legislature seemed to listen to its constituents & do the right thing after getting this bill out of committee.”

Barring any special measures, the bill has effectively met its end.

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