Thankfully, suppressor use and ownership have become more and more common in recent years. As shooters become more aware of the passive dangers involved with shooting, like lead poisoning and hearing loss, steps are being taken to reduce health hazards. Suppressors are probably the most effective tool we have against hearing loss. If you didn’t hear that last sentence, it might be time to pick one up! However, silencers (or suppressors, use whichever you want, nobody cares) have some drawbacks. The primary problem is that they get very hot. This means mirage during precision shooting. It also means some very hot pants during rifle-to-pistol transitions. MODTAC, a company local to me in Colorado, makes rigid suppressor shields to mitigate both of these issues. They have a few models but today we’re looking at the MODTAC U-RAC.


The MODTAC U-RAC: Specifications

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)
  • Length: 5” to 9.5”
  • Rail compatibility: AR-15, AR-10, HK-416, MCX/MPX
  • Materials: Carbon fiber, aluminum
  • Colors: Natural, special editions
  • Price: $279.00-$369.00

Hot Off the Line

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

Before anything else, I want to be clear about my relationship with MODTAC. Dave, one of the owners, is a personal friend. I’ve also done some contract work for the company. Neither of those things means that the U-RAC will be any more or less effective during testing.

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

The U-RAC, or Universal Rail Attach Coupler is made of a few parts. The shield itself is made from spun carbon fiber and features air vents on the bottom. The tube is attached to the coupler using spring-loaded threads and a 90-degree turn and is free-floated. Line up the index points and twist. The coupler design is such that it cannot be over-torqued. 

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

The coupler is CNC machined in-house from 6061-T6 aluminum. The “Universal” part of the equation comes in with the rail-grabber. MODTAC’s other model, the M-RAC, is made to fit specific rails. The U-RAC is made to fit EVERY rail. Well, almost. All AR-15s with a top Picatinny rail are compatible, as well as AR-10, HK-416, and SIG MCX/MPX platforms.

Heating Things Up

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

We’re going to do two things for this review. I want to do some practical testing, as well as technical testing. Let’s start with the former.

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

I have the U-RAC on an Aero lower with a Daniel Defense RIS III upper. I have a SureFire SOCOM556 MINI2 suppressor attached and I’m shooting Stand 1 55-grain 5.56. After a few high-round count drills to heat the gun up, I let the shield rest on my pants. 

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

The U-RAC will get hot and might be uncomfortable against your leg. As much as we try, it’s impossible to defy physics. That said, my pants left the range intact. That’s thanks to the airflow around the can. The gap between the U-RAC and suppressor allows air to cool the can and flow out the front, while the vents on the bottom draw in fresh, cool air. The result on pants is far different with a bare suppressor. Now, let’s do some temperature testing. We loaded up 90 rounds and dumped them into trash over the course of nine minutes. Using a temperature reader, this is what we found.

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

Thirty rounds in three minutes

Suppressor temp: 470 F

U-RAC temp: 156 F

Ninety rounds in nine minutes

Suppressor temp: 651 F

U-RAC temp: 323 F

The Burning Conclusion

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

The U-RAC is a helpful accessory if you plan on shooting enough to heat up your can. Some will complain about the cost and compare the MODTAC U-RAC to cloth wraps. The cost is high because the quality is high. We saw an average temperature drop of 55-60% when compared with a bare suppressor. Plus, if you want parts that are made in America, the cost is going to be higher. While cloth wraps are also effective at keeping temperatures down, they retain that heat, making the return to ambient temperature a slow process. If this is a working gun, you may not have that kind of time.

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

I appreciate the use of carbon fiber for its strength, but even more so for its weight. Putting a suppressor at the end of an already long barrel makes a rifle front-heavy, so I’d rather not add more weight. The free-float design is not only aesthetically pleasing but maintains the benefits of a free-float rail. 

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

I still don’t recommend touching the shield with your bare hands after a rigorous course of fire. That’s not the intended use of the U-RAC and it’s going to hurt. I will say that it’s still much better than contact with a forbidden popsicle and will probably save your gear.

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

If you’re the type to go put one box through the center of a bullseye at the range, maybe this isn’t for you. If you take all-day classes or mag dump into the dirt, I think this is a useful accessory to protect you from yourself. Mistakes happen. You might never plan to touch your suppressor, but if you do, you’ll be happy you invested in a Suppressor Shield. 

TFB Review: The MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

If you’d like to get more information, head to the MODTAC website. Make sure you also follow along on MODTAC’s socials. They can be found on Instagram and YouTube or reached through their customer service email if you have fitment questions. Protect your pants!

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