Thanks to John aka Mr. Snow Makes for showcasing the Stuff and Things Bullpup Kit (BPK). It is a drop-in kit that converts your AK into a bullpup.

Bullpups @ TFB:

Stuff and Things has been making firearm upgrade parts for a while now. Aside from humorous chick-fil-a sauce and nugget holders, he has been making accessories for Keltec CMR/PMR-30 and CP-33. Well, now he has made a bullpup kit (BPK) for Zastava pistols. Particularly in 7.62×39 and 5.56×45.

BPK highlighted

Their BPK comes with the following:

  • Base
  • Upper Handguard
  • Trigger Cover
  • Linkage Cover
  • Linkage
  • Trigger
  • pins and bolts

You can opt for their full kit which includes the Groza carry handle fixed sights, dust cover cheek rest and pistol grip.

You can order the BPK ala carte. The base kit is just $289.99. The upgrade kit is an additional $74.99. You can buy the upgrade parts separately as well.

This kit includes the Base, Upper Handguard, Trigger Cover, Linkage Cover, Linkage, Trigger and all pins and bolts needed to turn your ZPAP into a Z-PUP.

You can use any AR-style grip (without beaver tail) but we highly recommend our own for consistency of design and guaranteed magazine removal (other brand grips may get in the way).

Upgrade your kit with the Groza-Style Carry Handle, which includes built-in, non-adjustable sights. Hey, it’s a Groza. Accuracy isn’t exactly what you were going for anyway, right?

We also recommend the Rear Sight Cover for a cooler look. Keep in mind, the Cover will only work with the picatinny version of the ZPAP.

AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL, THIS DOES NOT TURN YOUR M85 INTO A SHORT-BARRELLED RIFLE. The rear piece is a Trigger Cover to enclose the existing M85 Trigger. It is NOT a stock and should not be misconstrued as one.


Adjustable Linkage ensures proper Trigger contact.

Uses standard mil-spec AR Triggers and Grips.

Picatinny Rail for Optic Fun.

Easy assembly.

Looks incredibly badass.

Lightweight, 3D-printed Nylon design. It’s tough and will hold up to your typical range experience, but given the nature of printed Nylon, we don’t recommend this for extreme tactical use (sorry, Ukraine).

Stuff and Things also has a 7.62×39 BPK and now just released a 9mm version.



I ordered their 9mm kit to try it on my PSA AKV. If it works, I will do a review on it. For more information, go to Stuff and Things’ website.

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