SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new YHM R45 Multi-Host Suppressor. Last week we got a peek at the new rimfire can from Advanced Armament Corporation. This week we get out on the range with two different hosts – a GLOCK and a Ruger – and check the performance the AAC Element 3 rimfire suppressor. Let’s take a look.

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SILENCER SATURDAY #304: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

I feel like I need to set expectations before discussing rimfire silencer performance because this is the category where I am the most critical. The goal with rimfire suppressors is primarily sound reduction performance. They can be light, easy to clean, a narrow diameter – but if they are loud, none of that matters. As suppressor lovers, we’d trade a few extra ounces for an additional three to six less decibels. Point being, I do not curve the scores – either it passes or it fails.

As a review from last week’s article, the Element 3 meets all the criteria for a quality rimfire suppressor; it is fairly light, priced right, and easy to maintain. As a bonus, it can handle higher pressure rimfire rounds up to the 5.7×28. It also is a nice length and diameter and superficially, it looks great.

Specifications- AAC Element 3

SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

The new Element 3 from AAC is a reborn legend in the history of AAC. Once the golden standard for rimfire in suppressors, the Element 3 is an up to date version of the Element legacy. Best in class performance, no first round pop, and rated now for the ever growing 5.7×28 caliber, the Element 3 is sure to exceed all expectation.


On a semiautomatic rimfire rifle with a 16” barrel and subsonic ammunition, the Element 3 is beautifully quiet with every trigger pull. It will definitely rank near the top of the list when it comes to all-time best performers, and I can only imagine it gets better with a bolt action rifle (which I will do in an upcoming rimfire roundup). You could shoot all day with this setup and the neighbors would have no idea that you had been fending off a hoard of zombie squirrels.

SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

On the GLOCK 44, I did notice a faint first round pop (FRP), which was a bit disappointing. I used two different types of subsonic ammo, the premium Lapua Midas+ and a less expensive CCI, and the results were about the same. Again, because this is a rimfire suppressor test, I am being hyper critical, but the first shot was faintly louder than the rest of the magazine.

SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

Is the fact that there was FRP on a pistol host a deal breaker? Personally, I don’t think so. FRP has never been a defining feature for my rimfire silencer purchase decisions; I want overall peak performance. But I can understand those that are hardliners. Keep in mind that this is a sample size of one with only two different ammo types. And there is also the possibility that the Element 3 just needs to get dirtier for the FRP to go away.

SILENCER SATURDAY: Shooting the AAC Element 3 Rimfire Suppressor

The Element 3 is nearly the perfect rimfire suppressor in every category, except for the fact that I heard a slight FRP using a pistol host. Otherwise, it can compete for best-of-the-best for quietest rimfire suppressor and have a shot at taking the crown.

Have a great week. Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.




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