SIG Sauer has an updated version of the Kilo-10K ABS HD binoculars. The new Gen II model has improved color and light transmission. Let’s take a look at what else has changed. 

Sig Sauer @ TFB:

SIG’s line of laser rangefinders has a reputation for excellent performance, and for pushing out the effective range to several thousand yards while others were still boasting about hundreds of yards. However, the one recurring complaint was around the image quality and the distinctly blue tint of the lenses. SIG redesigned the optical system of the Gen II to reduce the blue tint, and they claim it is 95% reduced compared to the original Kilo-10K. Check out this comparison image:

Sig Sauer Updates Kilo-10K ABS HD Binoculars , Now Gen II, Less Blue

The other big change is a new button layout with direct input for wind speed and direction. Combined with the Applied Ballistics software, this should make it easier to calculate a precise firing solution. The new Kilo-10K ABS HD Gen II retails for $2699.99 and it is available now. 

Sig Sauer Updates Kilo-10K ABS HD Binoculars , Now Gen II, Less Blue


From the manufacturer:

Reengineered as the result of direct user feedback, the most powerful and capable ballistic rangefinding binocular is here.

Introducing the KILO10K-ABS HD Gen II Rangefinding Binocular. With a completely redesigned optical system, the Gen II device improves color accuracy and low light performance by 95%. Now featuring direct wind input buttons, the Gen II allows users to quickly modify wind speed and direction with ease.

Complete with the same powerful onboard environmental sensors, digital compass, active-matrix OLED display, and Gen II Lightwave DSP Ranging Engine that has helped the KILO series rangefinders dominate the hunting and long range shooting space, the KILO10K-ABS HD Gen II is the single solution for discerning shooters.

All images from SIG Sauer

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