SHOT Show 2024 Roundup

The Gun Digest team has seen a lot of cool stuff at SHOT Show 2024 this year, but here are just a few highlights.

It’s that time of year again, and just about every big name in the gun industry has congregated in Las Vegas to display their latest products at SHOT Show 2024. We’ve seen a lot of great stuff so far, much of which will be covered more extensively later on. In the meantime, here are a few highlights that caught our eye.

Henry Lever-Action Supreme


Lever-actions have been extremely popular lately, especially modernized ones, though the pinnacle of the concept that has likely generated the most hype is the modernized lever-gun chambered for .223/5.56 that feeds from AR magazines. Bond Arms announced one of these at last year’s SHOT, and it was very well received. It’s yet to be released, however, and Henry has just thrown its hat in the ring as well.

Called the Henry Lever-Action Supreme, it features more traditional lever-action aesthetics than Bond Arms’ model thanks to its wood furniture, but Henry’s is still fully modern where it counts. Namely, they’ll be available in both .223/5.56 and .300 BLK, will feed from AR mags and will feature Picatinny rail on top for mounting optics. MSRP will be $1,400.

Black Rain Ordnance BRO-MATCH


A release that should have long-range and precision shooters excited is the BRO-MATCH from Black Rain Ordnance, the latest addition to the company’s bolt-action line. Featuring the DERECHO 3-lug action, a 60-degree bolt throw and the ability to swap barrels at home, the company says that the rifles are ready to deliver sub-MOA accuracy.

It’s available chambered for either 6.5mm Creedmoor or 6mm Creedmoor, but both versions will feature the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System, a TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700 Flat Straight Adjustable trigger and a BRO-TEMPEST Self-Timing Muzzle Brake. MSRP is $4,499.

RISE Armament Watchman XR In 22 ARC


Another one for the long-range crowd is the new Watchman XR model from RISE Armament. Chambered for 22 ARC, this rifle will be the most precision-oriented gun in the company’s Watchman AR line.

It appears that it will share a lot in common with the existing Watchman rifles that are chambered for .308 Winchester and 6.5mm Creedmoor, including features like their high-performance barrels, slim handguards with both M-LOK and Picatinny rail and upgraded RISE components incorporated throughout the build. MSRP is $2,099.

Daniel Defense PCC


Daniel Defense has also been making waves with its new pistol-caliber carbine, named the DDPCC. Chambered for 9mm and featuring a blowback action, Daniel Defense has added a hydraulic buffer to make the gun as smooth-shooting as possible.

It will feed from CZ mags, be available as both a rifle and SBR and should have an MSRP of about $2,000, but an official price is yet to be confirmed.

SAR9 Gen3


Finally, a quick look at the latest iteration of the SAR9, now in its third generation. Pictured is the SAR9C, the compact model, but these will be available in other sizes including sub-compact, full-size and competition.

Whichever size you choose, all are loaded with modern features like optics-ready slides and are available in a variety of colors. MSRP starts at $479.99.

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