January 23, 2024, marks my 25th SHOT Show. Over the years, the flavor of the show has changed, new faces have emerged, even the focus of the show has moved from pure sporting to the more tactical (10 years ago tac-ti-COOL was the phrase). Fortunately, while some of the names have changed, premium manufacturers still manage to come up with the hottest guns of the year. Although this is only day one, here are a few of the top pistols of 2024 that I managed to put hands on.


Glock 49

Let’s be honest… Glock Perfection means they got it right the first time. While 2024 did not bring a Glock 1911 or a cool carbine, it did release the G49. The G49 (also available in a MOS version for those wanting to mount a red dot) is essentially a G19 size grip frame with a G17 size slide. This follows Glock’s trend of not really coming up with anything new, but instead mixing and matching pieces to configure the guns to fit your exact needs. While some will scoff at this, no one can deny that a Glock can be trusted go bang! every time you pull the trigger.

For those preferring a carry size frame and long slide, the G49 makes a lot of sense. After all, do you want more than 15 rounds on board or better accuracy potential — not to mention the advantages in concealability when carrying. The Glock 49 is chambered in 9mm Luger, holds 15+1 rounds in a standard capacity magazine, and features a 4.49-inch barrel. The Glock 49 also sports Gen 5 characteristics, and the MOS system for mounting optics.


  • G19 grip with a G17-size slide
  • Optics-ready slide
  • (3) 15-round magazines

Ruger Super Blackhawk .22 Hornet

Anyone who has spent more than a day in the gun world will immediately recognize a Ruger Super Redhawk, so that’s not news. However, a Super Blackhawk in .22 Hornet is a small caliber powerhouse! The Super Blackhawk .22 Hornet sports a heavy-duty, stainless steel 9.5-inch barrel with 8 rounds in the cylinder.

Hand filling Hogue grips, adjustable rear sight, and a hi-vis fiber-optic front sight round out the Super Blackhawk. However, if you’re looking to take advantage of the .22 Hornet’s power and range, the Super Blackhawk is out-of-the-box ready for Ruger scope rings, making it a handy little hunter.


  • Caliber: .22 Hornet
  • Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 9.5-inch barrel
  • Adjustable rear, fiber-optic front sight

SIG Sauer P320 XTen Comp

SIG hit it out of the park with the P320. For most, it is the pinnacle and few thought SIG would top it. However, throw some rounds down range and the P320 XTen Comp may just change your thinking. Sure, in reality, it’s simply a compact version of the P320 XTen. In common, the guns are both optics ready, use the same magazines, grip size, ergonomics, and manual of arms. The difference is the barrel length.

The P320 XTen features a 3.8-inch barrel. The shorter barrel makes room for a compensator that’s built into the slide. If SIG builds it, it tends to do it right. The compensator is effective — especially considering the fact it tames high-pressure 10mm loads.


  • Compact-sized 10mm
  • 15-round magazines
  • 3.8-inch barrel with compensator-cut slide
  • Delta Point Pro optic footprint

Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0

Technically, Smith and Wesson launched its redesigned SD9 in late 2023. The SD9 2.0 is a striker-fired pistol with a polymer frame, 16+1 capacity, and white 3-dot iron sights. The SD9 2.0’s notable features include a flat trigger shoe and aggressive slide serrations for better hand purchase. The ergonomics of the mag release ensures you will not engage it accidently.


  • Striker-fired
  • 16+1 round capacity
  • 4-inch stainless steel barrel
  • 2-slot accessory rail

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP .45 ACP

Over the last 10 years, Springfield has really distinguished itself from the competition and earned a place at the head of the pack. In no short part this has happened due the success and performance of the TRP line. For 2024, Springfield fielded six new 1911 TRP models. Hanging around the booth on day 1, the 5-inch-barreled Coyote Brown model proved a hit. Other than the Coyote Brown Cerakote perhaps, 1911 purists can rest easy.

The forged, carbon steel slide and frame, black ambi safety levers, trigger, grip safety/beavertail, and hammer are all 1911. No need to shop for a red dot, the TRP won’t take one. However, the low-profile, non-glare sight are prefect for riding on your hip and a fast first shot hit in a self-defense situation. Rounding out the notables on the new TRP is a stainless-steel match-grade barrel and VZ Hydra grips.


  • 5-inch stainless-steel barrel
  • VZ Hydra grips
  • Magwell
  • Coyote Brown coating

Staccato C

A Staccato is simple a brand that must be experienced rather than explained to fully grasp how great they really are. Known for 2011 configurations (double-stack 1911 pistols), Staccato was among the leaders of the pack in 2023 with its CS Compact 2011. For 2024 it has followed that up with the Staccato C.

The Staccato C just seem right. It is a do-all pistol that sports a 4-inch barrel for carry or duty use. All things considered, it would serve well in competition too. Depending on your purpose and build, the C can be fitted with compact or full-size grip modules for increased comfort and concealability.


  • 2011 capacity
  • 4-inch barrel
  • Compact or full-size grips
  • Optics ready

Taurus TH10 10mm

The 10mm landed on most shooter radars years ago when the FBI adopted the caliber for a time. The problem was too many shooters simply could not handle the loads accurately. The result was down-loaded cartridges that reduced the effectiveness of the round. Buffalo Bore stayed true, as did Double Tap ammunition. As a result, the 10mm has made a huge resurgence in the past several years with manufacturers such as Winchester stepping up to the plate with backcountry and self-defense 10mm offerings.

Taurus is no stranger to big calibers, think about its Raging Bull. So, it is not surprise that it has thrown down the gauntlet with the introduction of the TH10. The Taurus TH10 maintains a price point most shooters can afford, while delivering a powerhouse caliber that is a top choice for self-defense in the concrete jungle or while traversing through bear country. 

The TH10 has a manual of arms that will be familiar to 917C shooters. Hammer fired, the semi-auto TH10’s safety doubles as a decocker. The TH10 may be fired in single or double action, making for a faster first shot and lighter trigger pull for single action. The Taurus TH10 offers a stainless-steel barrel, alloy-steel slide, and polymer frame. Coming in with a MSRP that slides in at less than $600, you’d be hard to find a better deal on a 10mm.


  • Double action first shot, single action
  • 15-round magazine
  • Hammer fired
  • Manual safety/decocker
  • 10mm

Tisas Night Stalker SF DS9

Tisas guns are imported from Turkey and have turned the market on its ear. They offer plenty of quality without all the price. The Night Stalker SF DS9 is a double-stack 1911 design (2011).

As a 2011, the Tisas Night Stalker SF features a short frame and polymer grip module that includes the trigger guard. Ambidextrous safety levers make it southpaw friendly. The sights are taller than average, allowing you to co-witness the irons with your red dot (RMSc-footprint). 

The Night Stalker SF DS9 knows what you want — whether your state allows it is another story — and is threaded for a suppressor. The frame and slide are finished in gray Cerakote. 


  • Threaded muzzle
  • Optic ready (RMSc footprint)
  • Compatible with most 2011 magazines

Walther PDP Match Steel Frame 5-Inch

On the heels of the success of its PDP duty pistol line, Walther put forward a steel-frame match version of its popular PDP. The new gun features a 5-inch barrel and improved trigger. The steel frame sports the same ergonomics that made previous PDP pistols popular with shooters. The weight, however, is notable. Although a bit too heavy for me as a carry gun, the extra weight reduces recoil allowing for faster follow-up shots for competition.

The PDP Match features a rotating takedown lever for easy maintenance. Target acquisition is no problem thanks to the white three-dot sights (adjustable rear) and is cut for Walther’s optic plates for those preferring a red dot sight. This pistol comes from the factory with three 18-round magazines and a flared magwell for faster reloads.


  • Steel frame
  • 5-inch match barrel
  • Aggressive slide serrations
  • Optics ready 

While this is but a small sampling of the new pistols for 2024, rest assured that manufacturers have their engineers and designers running at peak performance and delivering the guns that keep our wallets thin.

What new pistols are you excited about for 2024? Share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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