Apex Ammunition is once again expanding its non-toxic ammunition lineup to stay ahead of the “sub gauge craze,” by introducing its new 28 gauge turkey load. This hard-hitting load combines 1 Oz of #10 tungsten shot with a half-oz of #9 shot.

Just in time for the spring turkey season in February, the new 28 gauge turkey load is a game-changer. A box of five rounds is set to retail at $59.99 MSRP. The company’s representatives, however, are cautious not to tout the new shells’ capabilities at longer ranges too much, aiming to avoid promoting unethical shots. “With this in a .410, it’s a 40-yard gun,” says their rep.

This comes as an addition to Apex’s comprehensive line of specialized ammunition, including the previously acclaimed APEX Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey blend introduced in 2023. Apex has successfully broadened its Tungsten Super Shot offerings, delivering more options to hunters. The previous 12-gauge and 20-gauge Greenleaf Turkey TSS Blends included a mixture of No. 9 and No.10 TSS shots and possessed a significant payload with a massive retained energy.

This innovation is braced by significant research, development, and rigid standards Apex is known to uphold. Jason Lonsberry, CEO of Apex Ammunition had earlier encapsulated this commitment by saying, “We spend a great deal of time at APEX on research and development and only introduce new loads once they have been perfected to meet our stringent standards.”

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