In a significant update from Third Bay LLC, the manufacturer reputed for its remarkable innovation in firearm technology, it is confirmed that their Ounce pistol is set to penetrate the retail market this year. This heralded move follows the initial unveiling of these compact and ingeniously designed firearms at the SHOT Show in 2022.

[SHOT 2024] Third Bay LLC Ounce Pistol Retail Update

What sets the Ounce pistol apart in the handgun market is its notable foldability and unique magazine system. Once performed via a user-instigated button press, the ammunition feeding system is a one-of-a-kind element that ensures immediate loading of the first round, proceeding semi-automatically henceforth.

While consumers may have seen the Ounce pistol showcased in a striking orange color during its debut, it is important to clarify that this was merely an experiment with anodizing. The Ounce pistols hitting the market this year will exclusively be available in a sleek, all-black design.

Moving to the technical specifications, the Ounce pistol features a 10-round capacity and is chambered for .22 Long Rifle cartridge. Designed with practicality and usability in mind, a loaded Ounce pistol weighs barely under 8 ounces, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry.

The enclosed slide design of the Ounce pistol warrants special mention. No external moving action implies minimal susceptibility to the accumulation of debris, thereby enhancing the firearm’s reliability. The pistol also includes a loaded chamber indicator, amplifying its safety features.

For those who remember the buzz when the Third Bay LLC announced its concept a couple of years ago, the retail release of the Ounce pistol symbolizes the triumph of innovation spurred by dedicated craftsmanship. As the market receives this novel offering by Third Bay LLC, it’s clear the Ounce pistol represents yet another achievement in the ever-evolving world of firearm technology.



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