Atlas Gunworks EOS

Atlas Gunworks, known for their lightweight competition pistols with built-in ports and aluminum frames, has announced a new addition to its lineup for 2024. The Atlas Gunworks EOS, a steel version of the popular Ares 4.25, offers a noticeable weight difference and aims to provide a unique shooting experience to its users.

An Atlas Gunworks representative commented on their experience with the new model, stating, “I was late getting on my plane because I was at the range having so much fun with this. Its noticeable weight difference compared to our popular Ares pistol makes it a completely new comfortable shooting experience.”

Product specs for the Atlas Gunworks EOS are as follows:

– Barrel Length: 4.25 Bull Ported
– Weight (without mag): 36 oz
– Trigger Pull: 3 lbs
– Maintenance Interval: 10,000 Rounds
– Optics Ready

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