At the SHOT 2024, SIM-X, the esteemed manufacturer of Defensecore self-defense ammunition, announced the launch of a new line of ammunition named Rangecore. The introduction of Rangecore ammunition successfully addresses the needs of firearm users desiring a cost-effective practice solution that replicates the power of the self-defense version they carry day-to-day.

[SHOT 2024] SIM-X Launches New Rangecore Practice Ammo

While the Rangecore ammunition shoots to the same Point of Impact (POI) as Defensecore, it is designed to be a more economical option for range day use. Like its self-defense counterpart, Rangecore also features lead-free projectiles, allaying environmental concerns and potential exposure risks to shooters.

The uniqueness of SIM-X ammunition rests in its high-velocity performance, mirroring nearly the speed of a rifle. These low-weight projectiles deliver massive entry wounds, as a representative from SIM-X revealed: “Our ammo makes massive entry wounds due to its high velocity, at speeds nearly the same as a rifle.” However, while Rangecore doesn’t offer the same terminal performance, the focus remains squarely on its efficacy for practice purposes, which the representative described as “punching paper.”

Promising flexibility for the buyer, customers have the option to directly purchase from SIM-X or from an affiliated dealer. Rangecore ammunition is designed with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) construction coupled with a lead-free synthetic core, further enhancing its appeal for regular practice usage.

Firearms enthusiasts can expect the availability of Rangecore ammunition in a 9mm 50-grain load, with a .45 ACP 80-grain load reportedly joining the line-up in the first quarter of 2024.

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