At SHOT Show 2024, Senex Arms introduced its latest creation, the Modular Bullpup Light Rifle 15 (MBLR-15). Developed by engineer Brandon Makowski, the company’s unique offering in the bullpup rifle category garnered attention for its versatility and use of familiar components.

On the SHOT Show floor, Brandon displayed a number of potential configurations for his design. The variations, which differ in overall length, handguard size, and barrel length, are each suited to different use cases, reflecting the modular nature of the MBLR-15. Among the designs presented were:

– A 28.1″ OAL model featuring a full-length handguard and an 18″ barrel capped with an AZ muzzle device.
– Another 28.1″ OAL variant with a mid-length handguard and an 18″ barrel, but this time with an A2 muzzle device.
– A more compact 21.6″ OAL model with what Brandon refers to as a Shon Plus length handguard and an 11.5″ barrel, also sporting an AZ muzzle device.
– The shortest in the lineup, a 20.1″ OAL with a base-length handguard and an A2 muzzle.

Product specs:
A particular highlight is the MBLR-15’s quick change barrel system, allowing for swift adjustments and maintenance. Additional features Brandon showcased include:
– Quick Detach handguard with MLOK slots
– Modified AR15 fire control pack utilization
– Standard AR18 bolt

On display were a couple of his Gen 2 prototypes, which suggests that Brandon is actively refining the model based on feedback and testing.

One notable aspect of the MBLR-15 is that while it is not a conversion kit for an existing AR15, it is compatible with a wide array of AR15 parts. These include:
– AR15 barrels
– Gas blocks
– Gas tubes
– Cam pin
– Firing pin
– Gas key
– Pistol grip
– Modified fire control system trigger
– Other minor parts

Brandon’s decision to incorporate these commonly available components could prove beneficial for end users, simplifying the process of customization and repairs.

Senex Arms’ MBLR-15It’s always encouraging to witness engineers like Brandon challenge the status quo with new designs, especially when they manage to integrate versatility with familiar parts that could ease the user experience.

Other models from the company’s previous lineup were also mentioned during the event, though the focus remained primarily on the new MBLR-15 and its capabilities. It will be interesting to see how the market responds once Senex Arms secures the necessary backing and moves towards mass production of the MBLR-15.

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