SAR Firearms unveiled the SAR9 GEN2 Subcompact optics-ready pistol, the youngest and smallest member of the SAR9 family at the 2024 SHOT Show. This introduction marks the brand’s continued expansion into the realm of compact weaponry, gendering interest in both tight-security and private-citizen markets.

A key feature of this subcompact handgun is its ability to accommodate any Shield RMSc footprint owing to its forged-steel alloy slide with an optics-ready cutout. The pistol sports a 3.3-inch barrel forged from steel that carries a recessed crown.

The striker-fired SAR9 GEN2 Subcompact is equipped with an aluminum flat-face trigger, complete with an integrated safety feature. This design aims to mix safety with an urgency of deployment demanded by the high-stress situations this pistol is likely to face. The SAR9 GEN2 SC boasts enhanced mid-height night sights.

[SHOT 2024] SAR Firearms Introduces SAR9 GEN2 Subcompact Optics-Ready Pistol

Standard capacity is recorded at 12 rounds with a flush fit magazine. Every purchase includes two magazines – a 12-round and a 15-round magazine. The customers have the option to acquire additional magazines either in 15-round, 17-round, or if required, a 10-round configuration for states with imposed capacity restrictions.

Where aesthetic variety is concerned, customers can choose from an array of colors. These options include Black, OD Green, Bronze, and Platinum finishes. The gun’s lightweight design — weighing in at 22.2 ounces — and compact size with 6.4 inches in total length, 4.8 inches in height, and just over an inch in width, make it suitable for concealed carry purposes.

SAR Firearms has priced the SAR9 GEN2 Subcompact at an MSRP of $449.99. It seems to strike a comfortable balance of quality and affordability within its product bracket.

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