In the ever-evolving industry of firearm accessories, established brands are continuously innovating to stay ahead of the curve. In a recent development, Rugged Suppressors, known for its line of durable silencers, has introduced a revamped version of its tried and true noise reduction device – the SURGE. Dubbed the SURGEX, this updated suppressor, announced at the SHOT Show 2024, promises enhancements in size versatility, efficiency, and sound dampening.

The legacy of the SURGE traces back to the company’s early days. As a core product, the SURGE established Rugged Suppressors in the industry, and the new SURGEX is an attempt to bring this stalwart device up to speed with contemporary expectations and preferences. Unlike the fixed length of its predecessor, the new device offers modularity in size, allowing users to adjust the length between 8.1 inches and a compact 5.6 inches. Recognizing the increased attention to both portability and performance, Rugged Suppressors has integrated design modifications to achieve a quieter and lighter noise reduction device.

John, a representative with Rugged, conveyed the emphasis on adaptability and performance in the new SURGEX. He said, “On the 16th we launched the SURGEX which is an updated version of our original SURGE can. The new one has the ability to go from 8.1 inches to just 5.6 inches. Its also lighter and quieter.”

The technical specifications of the SURGEX also reflect the marriage of durability and functionality sought by professional users. It is rated for .30 caliber rounds, up to .300 RUM, and also boasts of being belt-fed rated. The suppressor has a high-temperature-resistant Cerakote finish, with the tube material composed of 17-4 PH stainless steel. The baffles, vital components for sound dampening, are made of Cobalt 6 and stainless steel, promising robust noise reduction under heavy and sustained firearm use.

With the introduction of the SURGEX, Rugged Suppressors manifests its commitment to merging tradition and innovation. Its latest product endeavors to provide a versatile and efficient suppressor that meets the demands of today’s firearm enthusiasts. Its features, such as customizable size, enhanced noise reduction, and resilient material composition, mark a promising upgrade from the original SURGE and anticipate the evolving needs of its user base.

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