Precision Reflex Inc., a recognized name in the realm of firearm manufacturing, is set to expand its product lineup. Coming on the heels of their well-known Mk12 clones and parts, the company has announced a new addition, a Mk12 in .308 Winchester.

[SHOT 2024] PRI Unveils MK12 in .308 Winchester

Engineered with an attention to detail that exemplifies the PRI’s commitment to quality, the .308 Winchester Mk12 closely mirrors a standard Mk12 Mod 0. The difference, however, comes in size. The receiver has been scaled up to accommodate the larger .308 Winchester cartridge. This change lays testament to PRI’s innovative design strategy, continually seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in this domain.

Douglas, a renowned name in the firearm industry, has crafted the barrel for the new Mk12. The partnership further amplifies the product’s anticipated impact in the market, given Douglas’s reputation for precision and craftsmanship. The barrel has a 1/10 twist and features an M118 chamber, a characteristic typically reserved for use with match ammunition.

Due to be released in either the second or third quarters of the year, the .308 Mk12 has stirred considerable interest and speculation. The anticipated price point is around the $3,200 mark.

Though the exact launch date and final price are yet to be determined, the unveiled Mk12 in .308 Winchester represents PRI’s continuous pursuit of delivering high-quality, precision-focused products to its customers. With its unique features and characteristics, this new entrant is expected to shake up the firearm industry while strengthening PRI’s foothold in the market.


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