The renowned firearm manufacturer Pietta Firearms proudly presented its latest creation, The Hand of God Great Western II, at the SHOT Show 2024. Renowned for its synthesis of historical reverence with modern shooting needs, Pietta has once again hit the mark by imitating the 3:10 to Yuma revolver, which is a great favorite among Western enthusiasts.

[SHOT 2024] Pietta Firearms Debuts The Hand of God Great Western II

This new release is distinguished by its intensive minimalistic aesthetics. A striking feature is the noteworthy golden crucifix embedded in the black handles, bestowing an overall austere yet profound appeal. Moreover, the allure of the Gold Crucifix Medallion is not confined to one side but graces both sides of the weapon. Against the backdrop of its solemn look is the intricate engineering that allows for an inimitable shooting experience. Fans should mark their calendars for April when The Hand of God Great Western II is expected to hit the gun stores. For now, the model will be exclusively released in 9mm.

Giving a snapshot of their roadmap for this year, an official from Pietta Firearms, Charlie, stated, “This year we have the ‘Hand of God,’ and it’s an exclusive through Sportsman Warehouse until April. Besides that, we have some different color case hardening SKUs and some nicer ones coming with better grips.”

For those intrigued about the specifications, The Hand of God Great Western II comes with a barrel length of 4 ¾, 5 ½, or 7 ½. With its fusion of timeless design and contemporary precision, The Hand of God Great Western II should indeed prove a worthy addition to the gun cabinets of pistol connoisseurs and Western aficionados alike.

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