Oracle Arms has introduced its new OA 2311 Compact Pro. Oracle Arms has developed their 2311 series taking iconic 1911 as the basis and infusing it with modern modular elements. A standout feature is the ability of Oracle Arms’ 2311 Compact Pro to take advantage of SIG Sauer P320 magazines.

The OA 2311 Compact Pro offers added convenience with its optics-ready design and four accompanying slide plates. These allow for mounting a range of major pistol red dots, a notable functionality for diversified use while ensuring reliability in differing environments.

The entire 2311 series is ambidextrous with ergonomic grips and controls promoting ease of use and handling. The Compact Pro is fitted with polymer grips, features a 4.25-inch barrel and includes five magazines and four slide plates.

Adding to the list of enhancements, the Compact Pro adds the Springer Precision Extended Mag Release paddle for improved ergonomics and faster magazine changes. The slide also features lightening cuts and an optional ported barrel leading to a significant reduction in felt recoil and muzzle rise.

The Oracle Arms design team has gone to great lengths to ensure the performance effectiveness of the OA 2311 series in austere environments without compromising durability. To accomplish this, Oracle Arms engineered patent-pending channels in critical areas of the guns, allowing them to function optimally even in challenging environments.

Oracle Arms also announced that all Compact pistol models will soon be available to order with a “Plus Kit”, complete with a modular full-size magwell installed and 17-round magazines included.

With the introduction of the new Compact Pro, Oracle Arms also confirmed that they have a full-size OA 2311 in development. However, production for the full-size model has faced some manufacturing challenges. The manufacturer expects to overcome these and begin shipping the new compact models later in the year.

Available to order now the 2311 Compact Pro has an MSRP of $2,199. With the addition of the ported barrel this rises to $2,249 and if you want to add the Plus Kit, MSRP adds an additional $50. Find out more at

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