[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes – Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker

5.11 Tactical announced the launch of its latest array of products for the year 2024. The new products, including some not-so-secret 5.11 prototypes, cover an extensive range of categories including apparel, load-bearing gear, footwear, as well as professional uniforms and accessories. The new releases emphasize durability, functionality, and comfort – let’s take a look.

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[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes – Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker

5.11 has consulted with members of the U.S. Secret Service in the developing the yet-to-be-named sportcoat that builds in specialized features like hidden pockets, storage, and wear-resistant friction points. This prototype won’t become reality for another year, but it gained a lot of attention at the show with attendees asking for specific features and women’s versions.

[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker
[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker
[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker

5.11 V.XI XTU Uniform Line

One prominent update is the expansion of the V.XI™ Collection, initially introduced at SHOT Show 2023, which is targeted at delivering cutting-edge uniform technology to top-tier professionals. Due to the substantial success of the initial government contracts, the collection has now been made accessible to consumers. The 2024 lineup will introduce women’s specific uniforms and a new colorway, adding versatility and inclusivity to the range.

  • The V.XI™ XTU uniform line, upgraded with women’s specific uniforms and the extension of the MultiCam® color for both men’s and women’s apparel.
  • The release of the Women’s V.XI™ XTU Rapid Shirt, priced at $140, showcasing the construction parallel to men’s uniforms with a strong focus on performance and function.
  • The Women’s V.XI™ XTU Pant, available for $200, which has been perfected in size by leveraging existing female apparel silhouettes from 5.11 Tactical while integrating feedback from active-duty female SWAT officers.
[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker
[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker


Footwear and the 5.11 Stache Sneaker

In footwear, 5.11 is set to add several new models, including the PT-R™ Inure Runner ($125), the Chukka Boot ($120), and the Rambler 6-inch Boot ($120). These shoes and boots are engineered to meet diverse needs, from running on rugged trails to tackling urban environments with style and durability.

Among the new footwear releases is a collaboration with TFB’s James Reeves, resulting in the latest addition to their footwear line, the Stache sneaker.

The Stache is an advancement from the original Norris Sneaker, combining input from James with 5.11’s commitment to producing user-oriented products. According to JJR, this direct partnership with the company allowed him to address specific needs and participate in the creative process of the sneaker’s design. Focused on versatility and user convenience, The Stache sneaker features several notable specifications.

  • Vibram® bottom for enhanced stability and comfort.
  • Deconstructed upper design to lessen the overall weight of the sneaker.
  • Interior print with a green and black tiger camouflage pattern.
  • A hidden pocket inside the tongue for discreet storage.
  • Availability in two colors: black and ranger green.

Designed for both style and practicality, The Stache sneaker aims to blend everyday wearability with the functionality that is often required in tactical situations. This dual approach caters to consumers seeking footwear that doesn’t compromise on either aspect. The inclusion of the hidden pocket in the tongue is particularly in line with 5.11’s tradition of integrating unique features that add utility to products.

With an eye towards a release for the 2024 holiday season, details regarding the other backpacks and clothing items set to release alongside The Stache sneaker have not been fully disclosed. However, continued emphasis on innovation and functional design, core principles of 5.11, is expected to characterize the upcoming collection. Additional information is anticipated as release dates become more clear.

[SHOT 2024] Not-So-Secret 5.11 Prototypes - Sportcoat, Stache Sneaker

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