Aimpoint, a renowned manufacturer and innovator of red dot sighting technology, has taken the spotlight at SHOT 2024 with a roster of new and exciting products. The new offerings include an expansion of color variants for the much-admired ACRO P2, a new magnifier for the red dot optics, and the ACRO S2 specifically designed for shotguns.


The ACRO P2 is now available in two striking Cerakote coatings; Sniper Grey and Flat Dark Earth. These finishes not only lend an impressive aesthetic but are known for their corrosion and chemical resistance, UV and thermal stability, and outstanding durability under extreme conditions. Aimpoint has given users a sight which is not only resilient but versatile, it can withstand over 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition and provide constant operation for over 5 years. The extended adoption of the ACRO P2 by hunters, sport shooters, law enforcement, and military customers worldwide speaks volumes about its functionality and reliability.

[SHOT 2024] New Products Line from Aimpoint

The newly introduced 3X-P Magnifier

Complementing Aimpoint’s series of red dot optics is the newly introduced 3X-P Magnifier. Built to cater to the demands of professional users, it’s designed to amplify the range of aiming solutions without compromising on quick target acquisition. The 3x magnifier has an adjustable dioptric setting and ensures a precise sight picture with a generous field of view. Users can switch between non-magnified and magnified aim without needing to re-zero and can use the 3X-P as a handheld monocular.


Last but not least, Aimpoint has also presented the ACRO S2, a system designed specifically for shotguns. Detached from its predecessor ACRO P2, the S2 brandishes a larger 9 MOA dot size and a variable clamp mount that can fit most ventilated shotgun ribs on the market. The optic is waterproof, lightweight, and enclosed in a protective housing, offering 10 intensity settings to accommodate various light conditions. Although the S2 might be a considerable investment for beginners looking to explore shotgun-based sports, its features make it an attractive addition for experienced shooters.

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