[SHOT 2024] New Products from Radian Weapons

We stopped by Radian’s booth at SHOT 2024 and they talked us though some of their latest products. They’ve introduced some new barrels and accessories for the SIG P365 including the a new backstrap and magazine well for the P365 X Macro these will be shipping in April and have an MSRP of $149.95.

A new magazine base plate, the TRU-17, to match the new magazine well  will also be shipping in April with a pack of 2 baseplates having an MSRP of $65.95.

Radian’s Afterburner and Ramjet barrel and compensator combination will also be available for 3.1in P365 barrels. They expect these to ship in mid Q2 of 2024 and have an MSRP of $385.95.

For Glock enthusiasts Radian will be introducing Afterburner & Ramjet combinations for the G47 and G49 Gen 5s with an MSRP of $389.95.

Radian are continuing to expand their Guardian line of pistol optic protector plates. These optics mounts have a front guard to allow them to be used to rack the slide if needed and offer greater protection. The Guardian +SIX will be availble for newer Glock MOS (407 & 507). MSRP for the Guardian only is $129.95 but in combination with back up sights it will be shipping at $184.95.

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