Citadel Taipan X

Legacy Sports presented the Citadel Taipan X at their booth during the SHOT Show, unveiling further details about the innovative spring-assist pump-action/bolt-action rifle. This firearm, previously chambered in .223 Wylde only, will also see a .300 Blackout variant, with Legacy Sports expressing plans to expand the caliber offerings in the future. Additionally, they indicated that the rifles would come in a variety of finishes including Burnt Bronze, Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), and Dark Gray.

[SHOT 2024] More Details On Taipan Pump-Action .223 Rifle

Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of ranch life, with its susceptibility to dust and the general wear and tear of being transported in a side-by-side, the Taipan is pitched as the ideal ranch rifle. Legacy Sports also mentioned their ambitions to distribute these models in the Canadian market, leveraging their North American distribution deal, while emphasizing that the rifle is legal across all 50 states in the U.S.

Product Specs

  • 16.5-inch barrel with 1/2-28 thread muzzle
  • Shell deflector
  • 8 M-Lok slots on forend
  • TSP X buttstock
  • A2-style grip
  • QD sling swivel slots
  • AR-15 magazine-compatible
  • AR-style mag release

The Taipan X strives to offer versatility and reliability to its users, providing multiple customization options with its M-LOK slots and compatibility with widely used AR-15 magazines. The addition of a shell deflector and the TSP X buttstock elevate its pragmatic design, catering to the hands-on, practical shooter. With the ease of handling provided by the AR-style magazine release and the convenience of QD sling swivel slots, the rifle is designed for quick adaptability in varied environments.

In the larger context of the firearms industry, the Citadel Taipan X’s entry into the market offers a unique combination of pump-action and bolt-action operation, both popular mechanisms among firearm enthusiasts. The rifle’s adaptability and the company’s focus on legal compliance across different jurisdictions may position the Taipan X as a notable addition to gun owners’ collections across North America.

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