SHOT Show 2024’s Industry Range Day was officially opened by Green Beret Tim Kennedy firing the first shot from a new pistol caliber carbine, LWRCI‘s IC-9. Following the ceremonial initial shot, Kennedy dumped a magazine through the suppressed IC-9 describing it as “fast and fun, and so quiet”.

LWRC International, LLC, based in Cambridge, Maryland, is a defense contractor and firearms manufacturer. The company’s engineering efforts have persistently strived to improve upon a legacy design, leading to the development of innovative weaponry. As the latest fruit of these efforts, the IC-9, offers a glimpse into LWRCI’s continuous evolution.

The IC-9 incorporates a MonoForge Upper Receiver and a Chamber Ring Delayed Blowback Operating System. The new pistol caliber carbine is chambered in 9×19 and uses standard Glock magazines. The carbine also has a full-length top rail and an MLOK compatible forend for mounting optics and accessories.

The IC-9 also features LWRCI’s Enhanced Fire Control Group, which undergoes a Nickel-Teflon coating process. This practical process ensures a considerably smooth and crisp trigger pull, ideally enhancing both the shooter’s comfort and their accuracy. This attention to usability and practicality is manifest in the carbine’s fully ambidextrous controls, allowing the IC-9 to be accessible for both right and left-handed operators.

LWRCI has launched the IC-9 with plenty of configuration options. It is available in 16-inch rifle, and 8.5-inch pistol and SBR configurations, adapting to different tactical or recreational shooting demands. Moreover, customization with choices for color extends to Black and FDE, Olive Green Drab, Patriot Brown, and Tungsten Grey, although the latter color choices will come with an additional cost of $178.

In terms of weight the weapon comes in at between 4.1 and 6.1 lbs, depending on configuration. The pistol configuration varies in length from 22.5 to 25.75 inches, while the rifle reaches a length of 30.25 to 34.5 inches. The IC-9 has an MSRP of $1,999.

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