In a step towards widening their growing Integrix series, Leapers has launched new cutting-edge optics at SHOT 2024. The Michigan-based outfit, which first earned a foothold in the market with cost-efficient models, is now expanding into the high-end arena, complementing its new line of AR components.

The Integrix series currently features only the IX8 1-8×28 34mm FFP LVPO, yet Leapers is set to roll out the IX6 3-18X44 34mm FFP mid-power optic soon. A 6-36×56 option and 4.5-27 option will be unveiled in the second quarter, offering precision shooters a variety of compelling choices.

While the manufacture of these scopes is currently based in Taiwan, Leapers is putting efforts into transitioning production back to the US, at the company’s headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. “In about a year and a half, two years, we’ll have US-made optics,” revealed a Leapers staffer, indicating the company’s focus on homegrown quality.

Growing beyond its optics spectrum, Leapers has also introduced UTG receivers and various AR parts that were brought to the fore late in 2023. Future plans include the production of a PCC following the perfection of their AR offering, and a .458 version of the AR is also under consideration.

In previous engagements, the company had expressed interest in developing military-grade optics, moving beyond the sphere of airsoft guns or pellet rifles, making this leap to premium optics for actual firearms a significant milestone. Unique features of the Integrix IX8 1-8 LPVO optic noted in earlier reviews, include an unchanging eye relief from one to eight power, hinting at its superior execution.

Each Integrix optic benefits from years of expert development, rigorous testing, and meticulous manufacturing. Marked for superior performance, they use exclusively German and Japanese glass lenses, multi-coated for reducing glare, reflections and resistance to scratches. Post assembly, they are inspected for precise concentricity.

The Integrix IX8 1-8X28 LPVO optic has achieved impressive optical quality with low aberration, boasting over 92% light transmittance. Reflecting on Leapers’ advancements, the broadening of the Integrix series signals more comprehensive offerings for consumers in the future.

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