KRISS USA, a renowned firearms manufacturer, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Gen 3 Vector. Unveiled at SHOT 2024, the new generation Vector boasts a host of enhancements and redesigns, making it a much-anticipated release for firearms enthusiasts.

At a glance, the Gen 3 Vector has undergone significant updates in its design. The upper housing has been wholly redesigned and now enables the use of aftermarket pistol grips. The new design comes with a slimmer profile that is half a pound lighter compared to the Gen 2 version, a welcome change for users valuing mobility and ease of use.

An impressive upgrade is found in the upper housing’s top Picatinny rail. Previously attached to the main body, it is now securely bolted on, simplifying maintenance for users and improving the overall robustness of the firearm.

The updates extend beyond the upper housing though. The Gen 3’s lower receiver has been revamped, now featuring an ambidextrous magazine release for universal usage among right and left-hand users.

KRISS USA has also shifted from the lower housing’s lower Picatinny rail in favor of the M-LOK mounting system. The new handguard can be easily swapped out, enabling the mounting of barrel shrouds or extended handguards of varying lengths.

In addition to the redesigned upper and lower housing, KRISS USA made appreciable upgrades to the firearm’s operation. The Gen 3 Vector comes with a newly redesigned charging handle and magazine release, enhancing user-friendliness while maintaining the firearms’ tried-and-true reliability.

Lastly, trigger handling has been significantly improved. The Gen 3 model showcases impressively limited trigger travel of about 1mm, a stark reduction from the 3mm travel in Gen 2 models. This improvement can make the new Gen 3 Vector a game-changer for users seeking responsiveness in their firearms.

[SHOT 2024] KRISS USA Unveil New Gen 3 Vector

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