At the SHOT Show this year, Hydra Weaponry, based in Gorham, Maine, presented their latest advancements in modular firearm components. The company, previously known as MGI, showcased its innovative AR lower featuring quick-swap magwells. This design provides shooters the flexibility to easily switch to another magwell suitable for virtually any type of magazine, including rare varieties such as the M3 Grease Gun or the Suomi M31 drum magazine. Priced around $500, their caliber conversion kits are designed to be universally compatible with AR pattern components from various manufacturers.

[SHOT 2024] Hydra Weaponry Has Survival Pistol and Modular AR Components

Furthermore, Hydra Weaponry has extended its modular approach beyond the AR-15 platform by introducing new components for .308 AR-10 rifles. These newly unveiled parts allow for quick barrel swaps, much like their .223 counterparts, which have been established in the market for some time now. Bringing these .308 quick-swap magwell components to the market took additional time due to lower demand in comparison to the .223.

In addition to the .308 modular components, Hydra also reintroduced the Bushmaster Arm Pistol at the SHOT Show. This design is a revival of the original concept by Mack Gwinn Jr., with its production now under the direction of his son, Mack Gwinn, CEO of Hydra. The Bushmaster Arm Pistol is designed as a compact survival tool for pilots facing ejection or crash landings. It features a bullpup layout and an innovative rotating design that accommodates ambidextrous use by allowing the ejection port to switch sides. This capability means the pistol can be fired using either the left or right arm. The Arm Pistol is compatible with standard AR-pattern magazines, offering considerable versatility.

Hydra’s marketing team disclosed that while the current production model mirrors the original in design, they are exploring the possibility of versions that accept AK-style magazines. Also in consideration is the addition of a variant that would replace the rear sight with a short Picatinny rail to allow the attachment of a stock, further enhancing the firearm’s adaptability.

The Bushmaster Arm Pistol is a long-stroke piston operated system and is equipped with an 11-inch barrel, making it a distinctive option in the category of survival firearms. These recent innovations from Hydra Weaponry signal the company’s ongoing commitment to providing firearm enthusiasts with versatile and customizable shooting solutions.

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