Hi-Point YC-380

Hi-Point has introduced a new firearm to their lineup, the YC-380, as the latest addition for enthusiasts seeking a .380 ACP variant. This model mirrors the functionality of the single-action, blowback YC-9 but is now available in a different chambering. Users will find familiar features such as manual thumb safety and backstrap safety, as well as compatibility with +P ammunition. The firearm comes with a choice of barrel modifications – it can be obtained with 1/2×28 threads at the muzzle for those interested or in a standard format without threads. A Picatinny rail is built into the design, allowing for easy attachment of accessories, and it’s equipped with Glock-style sights.

Product specs:

  • Chambered for .380 ACP
  • Manual thumb safety and backstrap safety
  • Can handle +P ammunition
  • Barrel options: available with or without 1/2×28 threads at the muzzle
  • Standard Picatinny rail
  • Glock-style sights
  • Unloaded weight of 34 ounces
  • 10-round magazine
  • 4.12-inch barrel
  • MSRP of $229
[SHOT 2024] Hi-Point Adds YC-380 To Lineup

The standard finish is a sleek black-and-gray, but for those who wish to personalize their firearm, Hi-Point offers slide engraving with the popular, yet meme-worthy Yeet Cannon branding.

Kara Boesenberg, the executive vice president of MKS Supply—Hi-Point’s parent company—emphasized the importance of the Second Amendment being accessible to everyone, regardless of their price range. She indicated that the YC-380 is a continuation of Hi-Point’s commitment to producing affordable firearms without compromising on quality.

This introduction is part of a broader trend within the industry of manufacturers responding to consumer demand for more varied and accessible firearm options, keeping both seasoned aficionados and newcomers in mind. Hi-Point’s latest offering, with its combination of features and price point, is poised to be an attractive option for buyers interested in a budget-friendly .380 ACP pistol.

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