Global Ordnance Monolith

At SHOT Show 2024, Global Ordnance introduced two new firearms that cater to the preferences of different shooting enthusiasts: the Monolith rifle and a .45 ACP version of the Stribog. The Global Ordnance Monolith, produced in partnership with Foxtrot Mike Products, is a novel design that merges a one-piece barrel configuration with ambidextrous functionality, while the latest Stribog expands on its lineup with a .45 ACP model using the UMP magazine.

Global Ordnance Monolith

The newly unveiled Global Ordnance Monolith represents an innovative collaboration with Foxtrot Mike Products. This rifle stems from the FM-15 series and presents a unique one-piece barrel concept. One of the distinctive features of the Monolith is its integrated gas block, which is part of the barrel and features a 45-degree gas port.


What sets the Monolith apart is its fully ambidextrous construction, which offers enhanced versatility for a wider range of shooters.

Two configurations of the Monolith are currently planned for release:
– A 16-inch rifle variant
– A 12.5-inch pistol version equipped with a Picatinny mount for attaching arm braces

An added design element for the rifle is an integral adapter created for a stock, which is imported exclusively by Global Ordnance. The integration of these components promotes a streamlined and efficient design, appealing to those looking for innovation in their firearms.

.45 ACP Stribog

Following the introduction of the 10mm Stribog, Global Ordnance announces the arrival of a .45 ACP version of the Stribog. This new model offers users a reliable and well-established magazine platform, as it is compatible with the UMP magazine.

The .45 ACP Stribog is set to be available for consumers beginning early in the second quarter, with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price expected to be around $1,100. This pricing positions it as a competitive option within its firearm category, given its capabilities and features.

Considering these developments, Global Ordnance is positioning itself as a versatile player in the firearms market by introducing products that extend their existing lines and appeal to a broad spectrum of shooters, from those interested in modern rifle design to aficionados of classic pistol calibers.

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