At SHOT 2024, Galco Holsters introduced two additions to their product line: the upscale Thunderclap holster series and the Hawkeye IWB holsters. The company showcased these items, intending to cater to different needs and preferences within the market of firearms enthusiasts and concealed carry permit holders.

The Thunderclap series stands out with its reinforced mouth and convenient belt tunnel, aimed at those who value a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Designed for occasions where the firearm and its holster may be seen, such as a social gathering, the Thunderclap is constructed to make a statement without sacrificing practical use. These holsters are hand-molded by the skilled craftsmen at Galco’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, highlighting the company’s commitment to quality. According to Galco’s media representative, the Thunderclap holster is the first in what they are calling their “Master Built” series.

[SHOT 2024] Galco Holsters Adds Thunderclap, Hawkeye IWB Holsters

Product specs for the Thunderclap include:

– Available in black or brown
– Reinforced mouth
– Convenient belt tunnel
– Hand-molded construction
– Part of the Master Built series
– MSRP $249

In addition to the Thunderclap, Galco also presented its Hawkeye IWB holsters. Bearing resemblance to the Summer Comfort Holsters in terms of design, the Hawkeye sets itself apart with a raised sweat guard and a metal-reinforced mouth. This allows for the accommodation of a carry-style red dot sight, making it a suitable option for individuals who prefer their red dot sight to sit low within the waistband while carrying. Further customization options come with the choice of black or tan belt loops, and a forward cant carry angle designed for comfort and ease of access.

Hawkeye IWB holster specs include:

– MSRP $149
– Includes 1.75-inch belt loops
– Available in black or brown
– Raised sweat guard
– Metal-reinforced mouth
– Supports carry-style red dot sights
– Optional black or tan belt loops
– Forward cant carry angle

Galco’s offerings at SHOT 2024 underline their dedication to expanding their holster line with thoughtfully designed, purpose-built options for the discerning gun owner. With attention to detail and an emphasis on both style and practicality, these new models represent the company’s ongoing effort to meet the diverse needs of the concealed carry community.

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