At SHOT Show 2024, Falkor Defense unveiled its first .50-caliber bolt-action rifle. Known for building bolt-action rifles based on Remington 700-style actions, the company has now ventured into the big-bore category amid growing demand from the shooting community.

Falkor’s latest offering is an expanded version of the Remington 700 action. It is specifically engineered with a relocated recoil lug for enhanced stability. Notably, the design embraces practicality and cost-effectiveness, featuring a swappable bolt head. This variant allows shooters to switch to a different caliber, necessitating a new barrel, magazine, and bolt head, instead of purchasing a brand-new rifle entirely.


The new .50-caliber rifle incorporates a standard Triggertech trigger, epitomizing the implementation of premium components in its make. It should be noted that Falkor Defense took charge of constructing the chassis, action, and muzzle brake, while partnering with Proof Research for the barrel.

Despite its high caliber and sophistication, the rifle maintains a reasonable weight of around 40 pounds, promising a level of comfort and maneuverability for users.

While catering to law enforcement and military sales is a significant aim, the company is actively marketing its new rifle to the public. The new release comes with a price tag in the range of $9,000 to $10,000. It is crucial to note, though, that an upgrade to a carbon-fiber barrel would increase the MSRP by about a thousand dollars.

As per Falkor’s representative, the pricing of the rifle is strategy-driven, aimed at drawing attention from customers. The representative explains, “Ten grand is a little bit low,” yet the lower price point is deliberately set to create a buzz among potential buyers.

This ambitious move by Falkor Defense has not only extended its offering to big-bore enthusiasts but also showcased their continuous commitment to innovative, high-quality, and practical firearm solutions. The market’s response to this big bore rifle, given its features and competitive pricing, remains to be seen.


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