Elite Tactical Systems has introduced the ETS Omega magazine, designed to seamlessly integrate hardened steel with their signature polymer design. The magazine is made for GLOCK pistols, and the development addresses the need for a reliable and durable magazine that doesn’t compromise on weight or convenience.

The ETS Omega magazine’s design incorporates a hardened steel frame that envelops all high-stress areas, which includes the feed lips and the section where the rounds transition from a double to a single stack. This attention to critical stress points ensures that the magazine operates with the same dependability as a factory-produced magazine thanks to factors such as decreased friction, enhanced stiffness, and preservation of crucial tolerances that are key to dependable feeding.

This enhanced design is touted as a step forward in the evolution of ammunition magazines, delivering the durability and functionality of steel combined with the advantages that the ETS polymer is known for.

The ETS Omega magazine provides the shooter with a balance of strength and weight, meeting the demands for reliability and functionality while offering the practicality of impact resistance. Additional information can be found on the ETS website at ETSGroup.us.
[SHOT 2024] ETS Omega Magazine With Hardened Steel

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