EOTECH, the renowned optics manufacturer, has announced the launch of its latest product line, the Vudu X series of rifle scopes. These scopes, aimed at outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, 3-gun shooters, and recreational shooters, are set to elevate the standards of the field with their advanced features.

Constructed from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and high-quality AR-coated glass, the Vudu X line promises durability and clear, sharp image. The series launches with a pair of second focal plane optics, namely the 1-6×24 and 2-12×40 scopes. Featuring 30mm tube diameters, these scopes boast of bright illuminated reticles, powered by a CR2032 battery, contributing to better precision during hunting or shooting competitions, even in low-light conditions.

An additional attractive feature of the new series is the removable throw lever, which facilitates quick transitions across the magnification range. This is paired with purposefully capped turrets for a streamlined structure and easy handling, enhancing the user’s experience even further.

The flexibility of the Vudu X series is presented in their two reticle variations: the DP1 and the BD1. The DP1 reticle, with MOA adjustments, includes a duplex crosshair; meanwhile, the BD1 provides additional circular ballistic holds at 2MOA increments, benefiting those making long-distance shots.

Production and delivery of the scopes are expected to commence at the beginning of 2024’s first quarter. Initially, the 1-6×24 variant will be priced at $799, while the 2-12×40 scope will come in at $859.

Overall, EOTECH’s Vudu X series rifle scopes are designed to cater to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, from hunters to recreational shooters, providing them with a powerful tool to enhance their sporting experience. With strong material construction, innovative features, and flexible options, the scopes promise to set a new benchmark in the optics market.

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