Detroit Gun Works

During the SHOT SHow 2024, Detroit Gun Works, a company well-regarded for their commitment to precision and craftsmanship introduced two new rifles they’ve launched: the Hitsville and Sherwood. These rifles are based on their smooth and efficient bolt-action receivers.

The Hitsville, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, and the Sherwood, chambered in .308 Win, both utilize a blend of components that set them apart. One of the key components is the incorporation of the Detroit Gun Works E. Hildale action. This action comes with a 1.0625” x 16 thread and EDM raceways. There is also an integrated lug and scope rail within its design. The action is crafted from 4340 steel, hardened to a 45-50rc for superior strength and durability. To protect against wear and enhance corrosion resistance, the action has been given a QPQ finish for added lubricity and fatigue strength.

Not limited to a single caliber, these rifles present a multi-caliber action. What this essentially means is that these rifles can be equipped to use several different cartridges, offering versatility in any shooting scenario.

The rep, Elizabeth, took me through the nitty-gritty details of their firearms. She explained, “Our new rifles use our action and bolt partnered with Schneider barrels. The rifles are made to shoot perfectly right out the door with a customer’s given ammunition and grain weight.” This statement highlights their commitment to ensuring the efficiency of their firearms, enabling users to get the best performance without the need for tweaking or adjusting.

The company has demonstrated a clear emphasis on precision and quality. With the introduction of Sherwood and Hitsville rifles, they’ve further solidified their standing as a reliable player in the industry. Judging by their continuous innovations, the future seems promising for this driven enterprise.

DGW Action Specs:

  • 1.0625” x 16 Thread
  • EDM raceways
  • Finish – QPQ finish for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lubricity, and fatigue strength
  • Integrated lug
  • Integrated scope rail
  • Material – 4340 steel hardened to 45-50rc for superior strength and durability
  • Multi Caliber 3-lug 60-degree bolt throw action

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