At SHOT Show 2024, Crossfire has announced a fresh innovation to their product line by giving the trusted trucker’s “tire bat” a modern twist. They’ve turned it into a functional pistol, introducing the new Viper Tac-Bat Pistol. The Viper Tac-Bat is a single-shot pistol that can be twisted apart for loading. This pistol has a three-position safety knob at the breech end which locks the action closed, or places it in Safe or Fire positions. Future plans indicate an even more exciting turn of events as Crossfire has signaled the possibility of a revolver version.

[SHOT 2024] Crossfire Announces Viper Tac-Bat Pistol

As of the moment, Crossfire only offers a .22 LR version of the Tac-Bat, however, modifications are on the horizon. The company plans to release a .22 Magnum, and according to the booth staff’s statement, a .410 version is also in the pipeline.


In terms of technical specifications, the Viper Tac-Bat emerges as a highly utilitarian piece. The single-shot, .22LR, plunger-fired device comes without sights. It is made of solid steel, adding to its durability and longevity. Proportions of the pistol afford users a convenient handling experience with an eight-inch barrel, and a length of 11.5 inches coupled with a diameter of 1.375 inches.

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