In a market that is constantly evolving and demanding innovation, storied gun manufacturer Browning never disappoints. At SHOT Show 2024, the company has launched a new iteration of the classic X-Bolt, affectionately named the X-Bolt 2.

[SHOT 2024] Browning Introduces The New X-Bolt 2 Rifle

The X-Bolt has, for a long time, been the go-to for hunters and sportsmen seeking a versatile and reliable rifle guaranteed to deliver durability and performance. Prompt to meet the continuous demands of its rock-solid consumer base, Browning has packed the X-Bolt 2 with several notable improvements over the original. Among these enhancements are stock spacers for easy adjustments of the length of pull. No matter your size or shooting style, these changes ensure a comfortable and effective shooting experience tailored for a wide range of users.

The X-Bolt 2 boosts an impressive list of features. Not limited to one or two models, Browning has rolled out 10 different SKUs for the X-Bolt 2, each designed to fulfill various needs and preferences of shooting enthusiasts. In addition, adjustable cheekpiece models provide an optimizable rifle fit for accuracy and comfort.

Every X-Bolt 2 rifle comes with threaded barrels, a sought-after feature that allows for compatibility with a wide array of muzzle devices. Each model will also sport a muzzle brake of some sort, catering to the growing trend amongst shooters to lower perceived recoil.

This new release proves yet again that Browning remains a fierce competitor in the gun industry, with a firm grip on the preferences and necessities of its clientele. It demonstrates the brand’s dedication to improving on an already reliable and versatile rifle and is a sure sign that Browning maintains a laser focus on meeting the needs of the current firearms market. It will be fascinating to watch how this launch impacts the preferences and trends in modern hunting and sporting pursuits.


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