Browning, a renowned arms manufacturer, has announced the introduction of a 20 gauge version of its A5 shotgun at SHOT 2024. Notably different from the original Auto 5 series, this model features a humpback receiver that conceals a Kinematic Drive action, aligning with its modern 12 gauge and 16 gauge counterparts.

One of the defining features of this gun is its incredibly light weight, falling under just 6 lb. Browning’s representatives relay that customers have been eagerly anticipating its introduction, saying they have not just been asking, but “begging, demanding” for it.

Browning Kinematic Drive is a short-recoil operated system promising reliability and simplicity. This technology, flaunted for its durability, comes with an impressive guarantee of 5 years or 100,000 rounds.

Specifications for the A5 20 gauge shotgun include a 3-inch chamber, a walnut stock, blued wood finish, Invector chokes, and a 5-round capacity. The Speed Load Plus feature allows the shooter to chamber a round directly, a characteristic shared with other Browning semi autos.

While other configurations will be available for selection in the future, the company has confirmed that only models in blued steel with wood stock will be released in 2024.

As manufacturers make continuous strides in providing arms enthusiasts with an arsenal that marries functionality and design, the A5 20 gauge model from Browning aims to stake its claim in this evolving arms landscape. The official launch is set at noon, January 22, with more technical specifications to be released then.

Check out The Speed Load Plus feature:

Browning’s journey in reinventing the classic Auto-5 series has resulted in a series of models that not only fill the void left by the original but also lay a foundation for a unique legacy of their own. With this new addition, Browning continues to pave the way in innovative firearm technology and delivers an offering that its very eager customer base can’t wait to get their hands on.

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