On the floor of the SHOT Show 2024, stood a multitude of Turkish firearms manufacturers, all seeming to offer a similar range of products. But keen observers interested in the nuanced craft of firearms creation would notice unique details that differentiate one from the other. One such standout was Barak Arms, as it unveiled its fresh-off-the-line G19 pattern pistols, MT19, designed with removable grips, an innovation that sets it apart from other exhibitors.

[SHOT 2024] Barak Arms Shows New Removable, Swappable Pistol Grips

These Barak Arms pistols come equipped with a removable grip, crafted either from polymer or aluminum. What makes this feature even more interesting is the effortless process of detachment – completely free of screws or any other fastening mechanisms. Instead, a simple slide-off friction fit simplifies the task. The Barak Arms MT19 pistols are chambered in 9x19mm, have a magazine capacity of 15 rounds and 4.02″ barrels.

A strategic addition in today’s dynamic market, Barak Arms plans to make this style of grip accessible on both their aluminum and polymer pistols. However, the roll-out of this innovative concept hinges on the preferences of their distributors. In an ideal scenario, these new pistols may be shipped with multiple grips, much to the delight of the discerning firearm enthusiast.

As Barak Arms is still refining its distributor network, it is currently offering direct sales to customers. This arrangement, assuming it continues at least in the short term, has the potential to create savings for buyers by eliminating markup costs associated with intermediaries.

With this launch, Barak Arms reaffirms its position as a player willing to take innovative risks in the intensely competitive firearm landscape. The new removable, swappable pistol grips, besides adding an element of personalization, signal the company’s overarching focus on user experience, a quality greatly revered in the firearm industry.

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