Amend2 Releases New Stock Options For The AMC Series

At the SHOT 2024, Amend2 announced the expansion of their AMC Modular Chassis product line with the introduction of new stock options. The Amend2 Modular Chassis (AMC) series, which made its debut last year, was designed to offer firearm enthusiasts a modular bolt-action rifle bedding and stock combination that prioritized ease of use and consistent performance. Building upon the established platform, the fresh arrivals in the AMC series include a black polymer option, a polymer hybrid, and a notably lightweight carbon fiber stock.

Amend2’s addition to the AMC series seems well-conceived, bringing more versatility to the product line. Specifically, these latest stocks are proof of the company’s commitment to offering a range of materials to suit various shooter preferences and requirements.

Product specs for the new AMC stock options include:

– Multiple rifle receiver options
– Chassis materials: Reinforced polymer, aluminum, magnesium
– Made in the USA

The integration of different materials caters to a diverse market. For those who desire durability without a significant increase in weight, the reinforced polymer option may be ideal. Shooters who prioritize a balance of strength and lightness might find the polymer hybrid stock to be more in line with their needs. For the enthusiast focused on reducing carry weight to the absolute minimum, without compromising the integrity of the firearm, the carbon fiber stock is a noteworthy addition.

In addition to these new stock options, the AMC series is known for its compatibility with multiple rifle receivers, providing a high degree of customization for users. By expanding their modular system with these new stocks, Amend2 not only caters to existing customers but also potentially broadens its audience to include those who may have been seeking lighter or more versatile stock options for their bolt-action rifles.

As per Amend2’s presentation at SHOT 2024, all of these new stock options are made in the USA, a point that may resonate with consumers who emphasize domestic manufacturing in their purchasing decisions.

Last year’s AMC introduction set expectations for a line of products with an emphasis on versatility and user customization. These new stocks appear to continue in that vein, offering adaptations suitable for various shooting disciplines and individual preferences. While the company has made strides in expanding its catalog, it remains to be seen how the market will receive these latest additions. Regardless, the ongoing diversification of the AMC series reaffirms Amend2’s role in the firearms accessory domain.

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