SIG Sauer AG, the Swiss small arms division of SIG Sauer, still produces the SG 550 series of rifles. The company shared this picture of an SG 553 R rifle on their social media pages. The main difference of this model from other SG 553 rifles is that it is chambered in 7.62×39 and is fed from AK-47 magazines. There is also a civilian 7.62×39 version of these rifles called SIG 556 R.

Here are the tech specs of the SIG Sauer SG 553 R rifle:

 Description  Value
 Calibre  7.62 x 39
 Trigger pull weight  35 N (3,5 kg)
 Weight (empty)  3.080 g
 Weight with (20 / 30 rounds)  3.900 g
 Function principle  Gas operated
 Bolt pattern  Rotating bolt
 Cycle rate  approx. 700 rd / min
 Magazine capacity  30
 Total length  810 mm
 Length folded  578 mm
 Height  185 mm
 Line of sight  343 mm
 Length of twist  240 mm (9,5“)
 No. of grooves  4
 Energy  1.900 J
 Gas pressure system  adjustable


POTD SIG Sauer SG 553 R

The learn more about SIG Sauer AG, visit the About Us section of the company’s website where you can find their history timeline.

Pictures by SIG Sauer AG,

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