(U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Jayme Pastoric/Released)

You’re watching and reading TFB’s Photo Of The Day. We’re off to the East Coast of the United States, where members assigned to the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 conduct military dive operations. These images are from 2019. The U.S. Navy SEALs engage in a continuous training cycles, and we get a sneak peek.

SEALs are the maritime component of U.S. Special Forces and are trained to conduct missions from sea, air, and land. Naval Special Warfare (NSW) has more than 1,000 special operators and support personnel deployed to more than 35 countries, addressing security threats, assuring partners and strengthening alliances while supporting Joint and combined campaigns. NSW’s ability to understand the operational landscape, adapt quickly and evolve capacity, capabilities and concepts based on operational requirements is one of our great strengths. NSW forces are trained to conduct primary direct action and special reconnaissance core activities and as well as to build partner capacity in or out of the maritime environment in order to support the U.S. Navy, U.S. Special Operations Command, geographic combat commanders and ultimately, national objectives across a full range of political and operational environments.

Below: Knock…knock…anyone home?

Photos and captions: U.S. Navy, Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Jayme Pastoric/Released.

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