Did you know that TFB has a very large collection of images of snipers from all around the world? Just click on the tag “snipers” to see the collection. In this Photo Of The Day, we add a few more from the recent Häyha Sniper Competition which consisted of no less than 24 shooting events, and other tasks to challenge the skills of snipers in various team-based obstacles.

Above they claim there’s a sniper hidden, namely John Nieghbors, an infantry 10th Mountain Division soldier from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 2-22 Infantry Battalion. Can you spot which kind of gear he’s using?

Häyha Sniper Competition

Taking care of and evacuating the wounded is a very important task for any soldier, including snipers.

Häyha Sniper Competition

Häyha Sniper Competition

Source: U.S. Army Photos by Spc. Kaylan Joseph.

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