Today’s Photo Of The Day depicts a firearm with a very unusual combination of operating and feeding mechanisms. The pictures of this belt-fed lever action rifle were shared by FightLite Industries on their social media pages. The gun is apparently made by combining their Herring Model 2024 Modern Lever Action rifle’s lower receiver with an MCR Dual-Feed upper receiver.

Here is what FightLite Industries had to say about this belt-fed lever action rifle in their social media posts:

There’s an old adage that reads, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” But the FightLite Wrecking Crew has another, “Just because we can, means that we probably will!”

And if we do, just like everything else we create it will be 100% Invented, Designed and Made in Our Great USA!

Note: This of course is a one-off and not an active product. But it sufficiently illustrates the creativity and experience that Team FightLite brings to its customers.

POTD FightLite Belt-Fed Lever Action AR (2)

If you like the idea of a belt-fed lever gun, check also our article about a belt-fed bullpup lever action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum.

Pictures by FightLite Industries,

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