Today’s Photo Of The Day is by Detonics, a Czech company specializing in designing and manufacturing break-action multi-barrel firearms. Dubbed 6×9 Grim, this derringer/pistol is their newest product. It will be available in Europe chambered in 9mm Flobert, 6mm Flobert, .22LR and .32 S&W Long. The lack of popular handgun cartridge options and the choice of obscure ones like the Flobert cartridges is probably driven by the local gun laws. The Detonics 6×9 Grim is still in development with the production estimated to start by the end of the summer.

Detonics 6x9 Grim (3)

A handgun like this may be interesting to those who want the reliability of a revolver without some of the drawbacks of the revolver design such as the thickness of the cylinder and the issue with the gasses escaping the cylinder gap. Let us know in the comments section what you think about the Detonics 6×9 Grim and the derringer-style firearms in general.

Pictures by Detonics,

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