Welcome to our Image of the Day feature! Except we call it Photo Of The Day here at TFB. Each day, we showcase at least one (stunning) image that captures the beauty of our world of firearms. Join us as we take a look at Romanian soldiers assigned to the 30th Mountain Battalion, as they provide security during Exercise Combined Resolve 18 at Hohenfels Training Area, Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Germany. These images are relatively fresh, from May 5, 2023. The firearm above looks to be a Romanian Paratrooper RPK chambered in 7.62×39.

It certainly looks like some U.S. soldiers joined the event as well, getting some experience with previous Eastern Block firearms.

Combined Resolve 18 is a U.S. Army exercise consisting of over 4,000 service members, allies, and partners from 15 countries, and is designed to assess units’ abilities to conduct combat operations effectively in a multi-domain battlespace.

Source: U.S. Army, photo by Sgt. Christian Aquino.

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